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This topic is a development of the 'Lighter than Air' topic and is covered in the 'Flight' unit by eight and nine year olds. It tells you how airships developed because balloons could not be steered, but simply floated where the wind took them. You learn that Henry Giffard, in 1852, made a cigar-shaped balloon and powered it with a steam engine to make it steerable. Later, petrol engines were used with rigid-framed envelopes.These were the very first large aircraft, and they carried people across the Atlantic. A series of disasters caused by the inflammable hydrogen, including the Hindenburg disaster, meant the end for airships.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. Hot air balloons could not be steered.
  2. Henry Gifford made a cigar shaped balloon.
  3. He powered the balloon with a steam engine, allowing it to be steered.
  4. Later petrol engines were used and a rigid framed envelope.
  5. Airships were the first large aircraft.
  6. The sight of huge airships was awe inspiring.
  7. In the 1920s, these airships carried passengers across the Atlantic Ocean.
  8. The Zeppelins were the leading airships.
  9. The hydrogen filled Hindenburg exploded.
  10. Thirty-five passengers were killed in the Hindenburg disaster.

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