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Most children enjoy finding out about bears whatever their ages. This booklet tells you how many species of bear there are, how they range in size from the small sun bear to the huge polar and brown bears. You learn that the most widespread bear is the brown bear, which lives in northern North America where it is often known as the grizzly bear, and parts of Europe and Asia. You find out about the types of food it likes to eat, which include both vegetables and meats of all kinds. It also tells you that the polar bears, which live in the Arctic are very long and have thick, white fur to keep them warm in their icy home. They hunt for seals and sometimes young walrus and birds.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. There are eight species of bears.
  2. They range in size from the sun bear to the huge polar and brown bears.
  3. The brown bear is the most widespread one.
  4. It lives in North America, Europe and Asia.
  5. In North America, the brown bear is known as the grizzly bear.
  6. Brown bears have a varied diet.
  7. They eat grasses, roots and berries.
  8. They also eat insects, fish and other animals.
  9. The large polar bears live in the Arctic.
  10. Polar bears have soft white fur to keep them warm in their icy climates.

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