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How the Earth Began

This topic gives children an understanding of why and how Earth was formed. It links in with the topic on the Earth, the Sun and the Moon studied by nine and ten year old children. It goes back to the time before Earth existed over four and a half billion years ago and tells how hot gases and dust spiraling around the sun clumped together by their own gravity and cooled to form our planet. Other planets were formed at the same time. It also tells you what the Earth is made up of, what lies at its centre, how the surface was later formed and how the oceans came about.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. Four and a half billion years ago the Earth did not exist.
  2. Earth began as hot gases and dust spiraling round the sun.
  3. As the Earth cooled it gave off gases to form its atmosphere.
  4. The gases cooled and were clumped together by their own gravity.
  5. The Earth has a core of iron and nickel.
  6. The rocky crust is made of oxygen and silicon.
  7. Later, meteor craters and volcanoes covered it.
  8. Steam from the cooling Earth became oceans.
  9. The Earth is flattened at the poles.
  10. Water only exists on the Earthfs surface.

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