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This topic is often covered by older children in primary school classes. It gives a few facts about how the Earth and the oceans evolved. You learn that the oceans cover more than two thirds of the Earth's surface and the constant movement of the oceans is seen in the pounding of the surf on the shoreline. The wind moves the waves and the wind and the sun create the great ocean currents. The tides which happen twice a day are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. The writing sheets tell you that most of the ocean lies to one side of the Earth in the Pacific. You also learn that all life processes need water and how long ago life began both in the water and on land.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. More than two thirds of the Earth is covered in water.
  2. Life evolved in the sea about three thousand five hundred million years ago.
  3. Life moved to land about five hundred million years ago.
  4. The presence of water made life possible.
  5. All life processes begin with water.
  6. The constant movement of the ocean is seen by the waves on the shore.
  7. The wind and sun create ocean currents.
  8. The gravity of the moon and the sun give rise to the tides.
  9. Most of the ocean lies in the Pacific.
  10. The temperature beneath the sea's surface remains constant.

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