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People Who Help Us

This topic is aimed at the children in their first year in school and gives them an introduction to people who help us both at home and in our community. It introduces us to the identity and responsibilities of doctors, the ambulance service, the police, the fire service, teachers and the clergy in our local churches. The activities children get involved in through studying this unit help schools develop links with the wider community. There are also opportunities for children to learn about effective communication skills, strategies for keeping safe and how to deal with potential risk situations.

This workbook has the following sentences:

  1. Every town has a lot of people who help us in different ways.
  2. Our moms and dads look after us and help to make us happy.
  3. We have teachers who help us to read and write.
  4. The priest in our church teaches us about God.
  5. The doctor helps us when we are sick.
  6. The ambulance man takes very sick people to hospital.
  7. The policeman helps to keep us safe.
  8. The fireman puts out fires and teaches us about fire safety.
  9. The town mayor helps to make the town a pleasant place to live.
  10. The shopkeepers sell us all the things we need.

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